Ideas Central: UNSW tell us their ideas to improve Spit Junction

The Youth Centre could have easily been called ‘Ideas Central’ as students from the University of New South Wales presented their ideas to staff on 9 October 2012.

Each of the groups took turns to present their block plan areas. They discussed the methodology used for the research of background information, highlights of the Candy Chang inspired community consultation, analysis of the feedback and translation of comments into ideal solutions for the area. It was interesting to see how similar the students’ understanding of planning issues were to that of the project team who have been working on the Spit Junction Masterplan project since November 2011.

The students’ ideas ranged from:

• The creation of community gardens
• Implementation of welcome signage similar to Neutral Bay creating awareness of the entrance to Spit Junction
• Introducing small coffee and juice carts in Reservoir Park
• Heritage interpretation signage for community appreciation
• New development in the corner of Military and Vista Street (also known as the Fitness First building), and so much more.

So check out the ideas presented by the students on Youtube today!

UNSW students take to the streets of Spit Junction…

August 2012

This week Spit Junction was visited by 60 planning students from UNSW to get a first hand look at the ‘People’s Junction’.

The students were invited by Council to attend a short briefing on the Spit Junction Masterplan and find out the project background, the community involvement to date and the next stages involved to finalise the plan.

The students have been divided into ten groups of six students and a ‘block area’ has been assigned to each group. The block areas are defined as:

Before taking to the streets of Spit Junction to survey the business centre, each group was asked to introduce themselves, identify the block area that they will be focusing on and finally say what they hope to achieve from this project.  Check out their introduction piece today!

Part One – Groups focusing on the areas of: Western Gateway, South Central, Harbour and Vista and Vista and Crescent

Part Two – Groups focusing on the areas of: Landmark, North East Gateway, North West Gateway and Boronia.

The People’s Junction through the eyes of UNSW

We are pleased to announce that the planning students from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) will be getting involved in the Peoples Junction starting from early August 2012.

IMG_9747The first year students will be studying and analysing Spit Junction and the Mosman Civic Centre sites as their primary case study as part of their subject ‘Local Planning’. Laura Goh, lecturer of this subject is excited about the prospects of her students learning to apply strategic and urban planning skills to a real-life local planning example.

She says that the students will be undertaking a number of assessment tasks which will involve:

  • A field trip to Spit Junction
  • Community consultation at Spit Junction and the Mosman Markets
  • Studio work
  • Spit Junction presentations to the community

“We are excited to be working with the students from UNSW.  While they’ll be learning new skills they will also help us develop further ideas and innovative solutions to help revitalise Spit Junction”. Linda Kelly – Manager Urban Planning.

The work undertaken by the students will be posted on the website, plus the Peoples Junction Facebook and Twitter pages.

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