How do you picture Spit Junction in the future?

A  modest shopping area with small coffee shops and boutique stores? A unique urban centre associated with business, shopping and dining? A social hub with mixed use development, community facilities and services?

Spit Junction is Mosman’s primary business centre. This is our opportunity to revitalise Spit Junction for the future.

What is ‘The People’s Junction’?

The People’s Junction branding was developed as part of the Engagement Plan of the Spit Junction Masterplan to help the community identify with the project and its purpose.

In developing the branding for the People’s Junction, the role of Spit Junction and the Mosman Civic Centre sites were explored whilst trying to encapsulate the role that the community will have in the engagement process.

The branding aims to capture the People’s Junction sentiment by creating an exciting, contemporary, funky and simple  look.

The logo colours are bright, cheerful and designed to strike a chord of interest with the public while also reflecting a happy, vibrant and dynamic feeling that promotes the idea of Spit Junction as a focal point of the area and one that is distinctly people-friendly.

The vibrant circle device represents many ideas and symbolically reflects a point where people come together, linked through shared positive experience.

Where is ‘The People’s Junction’?

Spit Junction Masterplan study area

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