The public domain includes the road and laneway network, pedestrian connections, plazas and parks. The Public Domain Plan identifies opportunities to improve these areas.


Streetscape works can help improve the pedestrian environment throughout Spit Junction by encouraging walking throughout the centre and providing opportunities for increased outdoor dining and passive recreation.

A number of streetscape improvements have been suggested and shown on the Public Domain Plan including:

  • Improve way finding and entrance to pedestrian overpass;
  • Widening of footpaths to improve safety and amenity of existing pedestrian connections;
  • Upgrade existing pedestrian through-site connections;
  • New and consistent footpath embellishment along Spit and Military Roads;
  • Retain existing street trees and provide new street trees along secondary streets;
  • Provide active frontages along key pedestrian routes and links; and
  • Retain all existing pedestrian crossings and pedestrian movements at signalised intersections.

Public Spaces

In respect to public spaces and places the project team have identified two key areas for improvement and enhancement of the existing Mosman Square and possible Clifford Street Plaza.

Mosman Square

Mosman Square is a key local space that has been formed through a road closure. It presents itself not as a ‘square’ but more as a linear landscaped space that connects Military Road with Mosman Park. Mosman Square is characterised by a change of level down towards the park and has a number of existing trees. The space also has a ‘cluttered’ character. The proposed redevelopment of Mosman Civic Centre presents a real opportunity to redesign and revitalise Mosman Square.

As part of the Mosman Civic Centre concept plan it is proposed that the design and landscape character of Mosman Square be re-conceptualised as three distinct spaces designed to reflect the character of the adjacent uses and activities:

  • Civic Place: a formal setting and entry plaza for a new Mosman Civic Centre;
  • Mosman Square: acts as an active transition space between the formality of the Civic Place and Village Green/Mosman Park; and
  • Village Green: a passive public space.

Clifford Street

The Masterplan proposes to close Clifford Street to vehicles and prevent traffic accessing both Spit Junction and Civic Lane. This proposal has been the subject of discussion by Council and the community.
[image title=”Clifford Street view”][/image]
[image title=”Rouse Hill”][/image]
[image title=”Rouse Hill”][/image]

The closure of Clifford Street presents an opportunity to create a multi-purpose urban space that can improve the quality of the public domain with the following elements:

  • Establish a local urban space that commands easterly views down Clifford Street towards Sydney Harbour;
  • Integrate a new bus bay and bus stop on Spit Road in concert with the former Cinema site;
  • Connect with a revitalised and part pedestrianised Civic Lane to the south, which in turn connects with Military Road and the new Civic Centre;
  • Provide bicycle parking into the park allowing cyclists to connect with public transport services;
  • Establish a canopy of street trees that can provide shade and shelter and frame the view to the east; and
  • Include public art, seating, lighting and other furniture to provide a sense of place and character.

Connectivity (Pedestrian and Vehicular)

The Public Domain Plan builds and capitalises on the existing laneway network within Spit Junction and is divided into:

  • Vehicular and Pedestrian Laneways;
  • Pedestrian only links; and
  • Vehicular Connections.

Vehicular and Pedestrian Laneways

A number of the laneways have a dual vehicular and pedestrian role. These laneways provide the opportunity for:

  • Alternative vehicular and servicing without disrupting vehicle movements along Spit and Military Roads;
  • Additional pedestrian connections away from Spit and Military Roads;
  • Additional building frontages providing opportunities for more active ground uses; and
  • New outdoor spaces that can be used for outdoor eating.

Pedestrian Only Links

There is also a number of pedestrian only links that build onto the connectivity provided by the formal laneway network.

These pedestrian connections provide the opportunity for:

  • Additional pedestrian connections away from road traffic;
  • Additional building frontages to public spaces providing opportunities for more active ground uses; and
  • New outdoor spaces that can be used for outdoor eating (eg. Myahgah Mews).

The pedestrian only connections also include the pedestrian overpass that links the southern side of Military Road to the northern side through BridgePoint.

Vehicular Connections

The traffic flows through Spit Junction limit the ability to make significant change or improvements to the vehicular connectivity as part of the Master Plan. The following components of the Public Domain Plan are proposed:

Bus Network

The proposed improvement to the bus network is the provision of a new bus bay through the closure of Clifford Street. The new bus bay will reduce the queuing of buses along Spit Road by providing a new lane for stopping buses.

The new bus bay will remove the existing bus stop at the corner of Military and Spit Roads (travelling west).

Public Parking

The Public Domain Plan retains the existing public car parking areas and the on-street car parking within Spit Junction. There are limited opportunities for more parking within Spit Junction due to the existing development pattern and site amalgamation constraints. New or additional publicly accessible parking can be provided as part of the redevelopment of large sites, including:

  • Extra parking spaces provided as part of the Mosman Civic Centre site, and
  • New parking as part of retail development at 501-503 Military Road (the existing Toyota showroom site).
Cycle Network

The Public Domain Plan recommends improvements to the cycling facilities within Spit Junction to encourage cycling to, and through, the centre. The improvements are:

  • New bicycle parking provided within the redeveloped Civic Centre and within Clifford Street plaza; and
  • Connecting existing cycle routes through cycle symbols on roads and improvements to the laneway network.
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