The Built Form Strategy integrates with the Public Domain Plan to bring new life back into Spit Junction by encouraging both private and public investment.

The Built Form Strategy includes the following components:

Building Height and Bulk

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Consultants are developing a strategy for building heights in the centre.

The strategy would be based on planning principles such as:

  • Urban design;
  • Context;
  • Site capacity; and
  • Access to public transport.

Potential Development Sites

As part of preparing the built form strategy an assessment of individual sites was undertaken. This process was then followed by the identification of sites into four different categories.

Opportunity Sites

There are a number of sites in the People’s Junction that, if developed would provide the opportunity for significant public benefit. The redevelopment of these opportunity sites can achieve new pedestrian connections, transport infrastructure, public spaces, better functionality of the centre and provide high quality architectural solutions that will give the People’s Junction a visual prominence along Military Road.

Contributory Sites

The contributory sites are located along the key vehicular and pedestrian routes of Military and Spit Roads. These sites provide the opportunity to achieve a consistent built form along the key routes, framing the public domain and achieving improved retail activity and residential or commercial opportunities within Spit Junction.

The redevelopment of the contributory sites will achieve public benefit through improved functionality and appearance.

Residential Sites

There are number of sites within the master plan area that do not front Military and Spit Roads but provide the opportunity for new housing within Spit Junction. The majority of residential sites in Spit Junction currently permit the development of residential flat development. However, the development potential is generally limited to 3 storeys in building height under Council’s existing planning controls.

There is the opportunity to increase the development potential of these residential sites to provide greater incentive for new development. One of the key factors that will revitalise Spit Junction is making the place more attractive to more people, and increasing the amount of people living in Spit Junction which will encourage them to use the shops and services.

Limited Development Potential

Sites identified as Limited Development Potential are sites in the master plan area that are unlikely to redevelop due to heritage constraints, strata titling constraints, recent development or a lack of additional development potential.

Block Plans

Block plans have been proposed which are based on street blocks and wider character.

The block plans will help to identify the following recommended built form outcomes:

  • Distribution of building height across each potential development site;
  • Build to lines, ground level setbacks and upper level setbacks;
  • Active frontages and required awnings;
  • Through-site links and other public domain proposals;
  • Preferred vehicular access points; and
  • Sites that are unlikely to redevelop – due to heritage, strata titling or recent development constraints.
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