The design brief for the new Civic Centre seeks to rationalise and rethink the range of local community services into a configuration of new buildings and open spaces that define a Civic & Cultural Precinct.

These Council functions and activities could include: a new library, art gallery, flexible civic & performance space, administrative offices, community services, community spaces and commercial development.

The new Mosman Civic Centre aims to become

  1. The ‘Civic Heart’ of the community
  2. A boutique hub of community activity and cultural life
  3. A contemporary design that responds to contemporary needs
  4. A key driver of growth, change and development of the Mosman community

In framing a project of this scale it is important to begin with the bigger picture. The following extracts from the ‘Return Brief’ prepared by consultants for Council will establish the cultural, social and spatial aspirations for the buildings and Public Space in the new Mosman Civic Centre. This brief does not attempt to dictate strict spatial requirements, but will stay as an active document to incorporate feedback from key stakeholders. The assumptions in the Brief are drawn from independent observation, research generated through community feedback and MOSPLAN, existing reports by private consultants and meetings with staff and council facilities planners and managers.

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