A key element of the overall Spit Junction Urban Design Framework and Master Plan is the Design Concept and Feasibility Study for a new Mosman Civic Centre. The two elements are inextricably linked and require iterative urban design and concept design processes to be run in parallel.

The 7700 sq. metre site is characterised by a dual frontage. The Military Road frontage is characterised by its linear retail experience and the 1-3 storey 20th century, terrace style/ shop top buildings of varying building stock. The Crescent and Mosman Park to the South maintain an established ceremonial and formal character. To the West of the site is the public pedestrian street, Mosman Square.

The indecisive nature of the current Civic Centre buildings limits the legibility of the place and creates spatial confusion. The surrounding urban environment suffers from a lack of activation as a consequence and due to the sheer size of the site. This condition is evident in vacancies in surrounding retail tenancies.

The Mosman Civic centre site is split in the centre by parking. This uninviting environment separates the Library Building, Council Chambers and the Village Green. Combined with an underwhelming forecourt the Library is isolated and disconnected from public life.

Ultimately the brief intends to resolve these issues by reinforcing and completing the existing character. Over arching design considerations are accessibility, ease of delivery and environmentally considerate development.

Civic Centre Master Plan

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