A conversation on conceptual design solutions, controls and implementation

2 June 2012 marks the commencement of Conversations on the People’s Junction: Design Concepts, Controls and Implementation.

Since April this year, the project team has been busy incorporating the feedback and direction received from the community consultation held in March 2012 to their findings and study of the Spit Junction study area.

Now having compiled this information into concept plans they are seeking the help of the community once again to discuss their ideas and solutions to help transform the People’s Junction into the community hub that they believe it should be.

In order to create dialogue and encourage participation from all members of the community the Council will be hosting the following events:

  • 2 June 2012 – Pink Planners at the Mosman Markets
  • 26 June 2012 – Function @ the Junction (Seniors Centre)
  • 29 June 2012 – Coffee Concepts Conversation (Business Community at the Seniors Centre)
  • 7 July 2012Pink Planners at the Mosman Markets

Your response to the conceptual design solutions, controls and implementation is encouraged. You can also comment on each page of these Preliminary Draft Plans – June 2012. The project team are keen to receive feedback on their preliminary concepts before they begin work on preparing the formal plans which will include the:

We are also seeking feedback on our People’s Junction Facebook page and looking for discussion on Twitter @peoplesjunction.

We want to provide you with all the information you need to stay informed on the progress of this project and directing us on the future of the People’s Junction.

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