Spit Junction Masterplan

Update October 2013

The Spit Junction Masterplan, prepared by a team of consultants, was completed in April 2013. Council decided to place the Masterplan on exhibition, however it has not adopted the Masterplan, nor has it endorsed it. The Masterplan presents a number of strategies and recommendations to achieve renewal at Spit Junction. It also proposes three options, based on the consultant’s view, for a financially feasible redevelopment of Council’s civic centre site, however there could be many others.

For more information on the exhibited Masterplan please go to Public Exhibition of Spit Junction Masterplan – 2013.


In November 2011 project work for the preparation of a Spit Junction Masterplan and Feasibility study for the Mosman Civic Centre sites commenced with the appointment of JBA Planning as the lead project consultants and Choi Ropiha Fighera architects, StraightTalk, GTA consultants and Davis & Langdon as sub-consultants.

Council has received funding from the Department of Planning and Infrastructure project in the amount of $225,000 to prepare the plans.

Why do we need a Masterplan and Feasibility Study?

The need for a Masterplan for Spit Junction stems from the preparation of the Mosman Local Environmental Plan 2012 (in force 1 February 2012). The Masterplan will help to establish better local planning controls with respect to building heights, floorspace ratio, urban design principles and proposed uses for the Spit Junction area.

The feasibility study will address the sites owned by Mosman Council and will look at the possible future options available to Council by identifying proposed uses, height, floor space ratios, and options for community facilities and activities etc.

It is intended that once the two plans have been finalised and adopted by Council they will be submitted to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure for approval with recommended planning controls for Spit Junction and the Mosman Civic Centre site.

Once these controls have been approved by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure they will be integrated into the Mosman Local Environmental Plan 2012.

The Plan Making Process explained

Defining the Spit Junction Masterplan study area

JBA has been provided with the existing Spit Junction study area. During Phase One of the project JBA will be reviewing the existing study area and based on the feedback provided through consultation with the community and Council and findings from research, the study area will be revised to establish the ‘Urban Design Framework’ which will help guide the preparation of the Masterplan.

The existing Spit Junction study area as identified by Council:

Spit Junction Masterplan study area

The Mosman Civic Centre study area

Choi Ropiha and Fighera have surveyed the sites owned by Mosman Council and the community services provided. The architects will be managing this element of the project incoordination with JBA Planning.

Sites owned by Mosman Council:

Mosman Civic Centre study area

A – Mosman Civic Centre; Meals on Wheels service; Aged & Disability Services
B – The Village Green
C – Mosman public car park
D – Mosman Library; Youth Centre
E – Mosman Council, Community Development Department
F – Shop (Accoutrement)
G – Shops (street level); Residential units (first floor)

The feasibility study is being prepared by Choi Ropiha Fighera Architects and they are currently undertaking an analysis of the site to help JBA Planning define the Urban Framework.

As part of that process, we will be asking the community their view on the Civic Centre precinct.

What types of buildings, services and activities do you think should be provided on the Council owned sites?

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