Proposed Amendments to Mosman LEP 2012 and Mosman Residential DCP 2012


Council has resolved to strengthen Mosman’s planning controls with changes proposed to Mosman Local Environmental Plan 2012 and Mosman Residential Development Control Plan 2012.

An LEP is a council’s principal legal document for controlling development and guiding proposed development using land use zones and development standards. A DCP supports the LEP providing more detailed planning and design guidelines.

What amendments are proposed, and why?

1. Amendment to objectives

Amendments are proposed to be made to objectives in Mosman LEP 2012 for:
• R2 Low Density Residential zone in the land use table
• Clause 4.3 Height of buildings
• Clause 4.4 Floor space ratio

The amendments are relatively minor and involve replacing some wording to strengthen the intent of the objectives, and for consistency between these objectives. Two additional objectives are also proposed.

2. New local clauses

New local clauses are proposed to be included in Mosman LEP 2012 for:
• Maximum wall height
• Maximum number of storeys
• Minimum landscaped area

These clauses would apply to all residential zoned land in Mosman.

For over 20 years, planning controls establishing a maximum wall height, maximum number of storeys and minimum landscaped area for residential development have applied in Mosman. These controls are fundamental in achieving the character of housing in Mosman that we see today – housing typically two storeys in height, with a pitched roof and substantial landscaping. However, over the past two years the importance of these planning controls has been diminished by changes to State planning legislation and policy. It is proposed to restore strength to these planning controls by returning them to Mosman LEP 2012. Some change is proposed to be made to the landscaped area control to recognise the difficulty of achieving the minimum requirement on small lots.

These controls will be omitted from Mosman Residential DCP 2012 as a result.

3. Correct an error

A minor error has been identified in objective O3 in Part 5.10 Transport, Access and Parking of MRDCP 2012 relating to on site carparking. It is proposed to be corrected.

A complete list of proposed amendments and plain-English explanation is included below.

How will this affect my land?

The proposed amendments affect all residential and business zoned land in Mosman.

It is intended that a savings provision relating to development applications apply. This means that any development application lodged with Council but not yet determined on the date the amendments commence will be assessed under the planning controls that applied when the application was lodged. The proposed amendments would only apply to development applications lodged on or after the date the amendments commence.

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Thursday 12 June until Thursday 10 July 2014

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