mosman civic centre site
Civic Centre site – click for larger image

Council has a long-term strategic vision for the future of the Civic Centre site to build new facilities that would:

  • Provide improved facilities for the Mosman community, including new library, art gallery, community facilities, public domain improvements, administration offices and additional public car parking.
  • Adhere to planning controls for building height and floor space ratio contained in Mosman Local Environmental Plan 2012.
  • Be financially positive as a result of the redevelopment of some land within the site for residential and retail use.

New community facilities

New community facilities would likely include additional public car parking, a contemporary high quality library, purpose-built art gallery, multi-purpose community spaces for youth and seniors, customer friendly and efficient administration offices and Council Chambers. The high levels of visitation to the existing Mosman library and art gallery reinforces that these are priority facilities for our community. Relocating Mosman’s regional art gallery to the Civic Centre site would ensure its prominence and connection with the library and parking. New facilities would be designed to be flexible to respond to possible changes in Council structures and staffing, as required.

P1- Activation and Beautification of Public Ground Spaces
Activation and Beautification of Public Ground Spaces – click for larger image

Activation and Beautification of Public Ground Spaces:

The pedestrian plaza at the northern end of Myahgah Road – named ‘Mosman Square’ – and the Village Green would be improved as part of any redevelopment. Pedestrian-friendly spaces such as outdoor plazas and the Village Green would be incorporated into any future design. The aim would be to create an international standard urban plaza, activated with cafes and restaurants. The Mosman community has previously identified the importance of retaining Mosman’s “village” feel. An east-west pedestrian connection through the site to existing businesses in Myahgah Road and beyond would be maintained.

Height and Density of development:

Maintaining the 15 metre (5 storey) height limit and floor space ratio of 3:1 currently set by Mosman Local Environmental Plan 2012 for the site and surrounds is important in any future development.

Traffic flow around local road network
Traffic flow around local road network – click for larger image

Significantly Increased Public Parking:

At grade parking would be replaced by underground parking allowing for better utilisation of the site. At least an additional 200 underground public car parking spaces would be provided as part of any new development on the site, and be accessed from The Crescent. The community has identified the need to increase the provision of public car parking.


Traffic consultants have undertaken preliminary traffic modelling for The Crescent, Gouldsbury Street and Myahgah Road. The modelling indicates that any increase in traffic generated by a development of this nature would be within acceptable levels. Further traffic analysis would be undertaken as part of any proposal.

Vista and Open Space:

Vista and Open Space
Vista and Open Space – Green shows open space network, circles show existing and proposed trees

The vista to Mosman Park and Allan Border Oval are recognised as being important, as is connection with these spaces, and with Mosman Square and the Village Green. The Village Green is enjoyed by visitors to the monthly Mosman Markets and would be retained in any development. Significant trees lining The Crescent are also recognised to be important.

Vibrancy and vitality:

Redevelopment of the Civic Centre site would likely stimulate economic activity in Spit Junction and contribute to its vibrancy and vitality. The business community has supported this view in previous consultation.


The significance of heritage items and conservation areas would be respected. The rear of adjacent heritage terraces could open up with cafes and shops taking advantage of new pedestrian activity. The rights-of-carriageway these terraces currently enjoy over the site would be considered further in the detailed planning stage.

Heritage items (red) and Military Rd and The Crescent Conservation Areas (dashed line)
Heritage items (red) and Military Rd and The Crescent Conservation Areas (dashed line)

Financial responsibility to community:

In considering opportunities for the future location of services on the Civic Centre site, Council has been mindful that any plan must be financially responsible. To fund the cost of new community facilities and ensure that redevelopment is cash positive to Council, part of the site would need to be redeveloped for residential and retail use.

Preliminary consideration has identified that the eastern portion of the site (i.e. the current location of the Library and Library Walk) would be suitable for redevelopment for residential and ground floor retail use. This could also occur elsewhere on the site. The location of this development would be the subject of detailed planning and design, following this public consultation. It is Council’s intention to retain a large portion of the site in public ownership.



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