With an overall area of approximately 7,773m2, and access from Military and Myahgah Roads and The Crescent, the site has considerable potential for redevelopment to meet the identified needs for improvements in community facilities and the public domain.

There are several opportunities open to Council:

• In the short and medium term, Council could maintain the status quo (i.e. do nothing) or have minor intervention in the relocation of functions within existing buildings. However the inadequacies of the existing buildings and cost of refurbishment (with no opportunity created within the site to fully fund this cost), needs to be a consideration.

• In the longer term, Council could seek to redevelop its land holdings to provide improved community facilities including a new library, art gallery, community facilities, public domain improvements, administration offices and additional public car parking. The development cost could be funded by residential/retail development on part of the site. It is this strategy that Council is considering and seeking community feedback on.

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