On Exhibition: Draft Mosman Bay and Little Sirius Cove Foreshore Reserves Plan of Management

Nov 2, 2021 Other

Council has prepared a draft Plan of Management for public land in Harnett Park and Reid Park on Mosman Bay, and for Sirius Park and Curraghbeena Park on Little Sirius Cove.

The study area, pictured below, includes bushland and walking paths, informal parks used for children’s play and other recreation activities, and buildings including Mosman Marina, Mosman Rowers Club, 3rd Mosman Bay Sea Scouts, Sydney Amateur Sailing Club, 1st Clifton Gardens Sea Scouts and amenities.

A range of actions have been developed in the preparation of the draft Plan which will guide the management of the reserves in future. The intention of the actions is to address some of the key issues identified in the preparation of the draft Plan and to ensure the orderly management of the reserves in accordance with the community’s expectations.

We are currently exhibiting the draft Plan, and are seeking community feedback and submissions. Consultation will close on Friday 26 November 2021. Click here to get involved.