Scenic Protection Area – Report to Council in December

A report on the zoning of land within the Mosman Scenic Protection Area (MSPA) will be considered at next week’s Council Meeting on Tuesday 1st December 2020.

Council is considering a change in zone of land within the MSPA from R2 Low Density Residential to E4 Environmental Living in recognition of the significant scenic and landscape quality of the foreshore land. The land would remain a low-density residential area with local planning controls continuing to apply, but the change in zone would ensure that the land is permanently excluded from the NSW Government’s Housing Code.

Initial consultation with landowners and the wider community about the E4 zone option occurred from 10 September to 5 October 2020, with 164 submissions received. The majority, 74%, indicated support for the change in zone and a further 11% were unsure but in support of Council exploring this option further, with reasons given including:

  • Protect the amenity, natural beauty and landscape quality of the foreshore area;
  • Retain the integrity of the Mosman area as it is;
  • Maintain local control to protect character, heritage, views and privacy;
  • Housing Code will detract from the amenity and value of Mosman properties; and
  • Essential that residents have the opportunity to comment on proposed development.

Submissions were also received in opposition to this change, with 13% expressing concern about the E4 zone option for reasons including:

  • E4 zone is unnecessarily restrictive;
  • Excessive bureaucracy, cost and delays in obtaining development approval; and
  • Housing Code parameters are reasonable, transparent and objective.

The report addresses all submissions received and recommends that Council endorse a Planning Proposal to rezone the land. If accepted, the Planning Proposal would then be submitted to the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to obtain ‘Gateway’ approval to formally exhibit the proposed zoning change.

The report (EP/52) and attachments (EP/52.1, EP/52.2 and EP/52.3) can now be viewed on Council’s website.

Further information about this matter is contained within the report, and in past blog posts: