Public meeting on land use planning proves highly popular

Last Wednesday 80 members of the Mosman community gathered at Council to discuss local strategic planning issues and find out more about how local planning initiatives fit within the broader State context. The meeting was initiated by the Mayor in response to the current exhibition of the draft local strategic planning statement, or LSPS for short.

The LSPS is intended to be a simple narrative, telling the story of an area – what it is like now, and what it will be in the future. While many of the community members who attended the meeting were motivated by concerns about future developments in the local centres, the range of questions asked by people demonstrated a much broader concern about the future direction of planning in Mosman. Matters raised include sustainability, managing open space efficiently, building industry deregulation, protecting streetscape character from development, improvements to Spit and Military Roads post tunnel construction, population growth, medium density housing, and mitigating the impacts of redevelopment on existing communities.

These are matters raised by an insightful community mindful of protecting the high level of amenity enjoyed in Mosman. This concern is captured in the vision statement that forms part of the LSPS:

Over the next 20 years as Mosman grows and changes to meet community needs, a key priority for council will be to maintain the high levels of environmental amenity, liveability and landscape quality that characterises Mosman.

The LSPS is currently on public exhibition. Over 250 submissions have been received to date. If you would like to let us know what you would like to see in Mosman in the future, or what changes, if any, you would like to see that can be given effect by land use planning, please send us your submission by 7 August. To view the LSPS or to submit a comment visit our consultation page.