The Not So “Missing Middle”

May 9, 2019 Other

There has been much written about the so called ‘missing middle” as part of a solution to Sydney’s housing problem. Last year the State Government introduced a new code to allow certain types of medium density housing like terrace housing and dual occupancies, to be approved by private certifiers within 20 days if they comply with predetermined controls.Mosman, like the majority of Sydney metropolitan councils, received a 12 month deferral of the commencement of the code. This is due to expire on 1 July 2019. The State Government has remained silent on any plans for the affected councils past that date and has not responded to Council’s request for a permanent exclusion from the code.

The government’s message around medium density is that it would Increase housing diversity and implies that without the code in place this type of development would not happen. This is not the case. Mosman allows the full range of medium density housing types in our medium density residential zone. Our planning controls encourage this type of development. Development applications are assessed under Mosman’s local planning controls and most applications are approved. The Government’s code would introduce an alternative approval pathway that would remove the council, and therefore also the community, from the process.

It is Council’s contention that the development that would result from the government’s ‘one-size-fits-all’ code would be inferior to development that has been built under Council’s planning controls. Mosman takes pride in our thorough assessment process that ensures residents’ views are considered, trees are protected, local amenity is maintained to a high level together with transparency of decision-making.