Resilient Sydney – How can Sydney respond to challenges?

Last Tuesday one of our planners attended a resilient cities conference. The conference featured talks from Beck Dawson, Chief Resilience Officer of 100 Resilient Cities and Rod Simpson, Environment Commissioner of the Greater Sydney Commission.

Resilient Sydney

Beck Dawson explored Resilient Sydney, a strategy to manage Sydney’s capacity to respond and adapt to physical, social and economic challenges. The strategy forms part of a global network with 100 partner cities participating.

The Strategy identifies ways to improve the future liveability of Sydney. The range of actions includes making Sydney more inclusive and equitable, responding to climate change, improving social cohesion and tolerance, encouraging individuals to prepare for emergencies and to encourage collaboration and connectivity between the Federal, State and Local Government organisations that manage Sydney.

Among the range of actions to be tackled by the various levels of Government is one that can be tackled by Sydney residents. In response to the ‘Get Ready’ direction, households can use the Red Cross Get Prepared App to prepare a list of key emergency contacts and to create an emergency response plan.

Greater Sydney Commission Environment Commissioner

Rod Simpson’s talk outlined the need for local government to address resilience to urban and natural hazards at the local level. This included a focus on developing local strategic planning statements that drive good environmental outcomes including sound foreshore, environment and heritage management. In addition Rod highlighted the need for the performance of existing policies to be reviewed against community expectations.

A concept that was proposed was for urban planners to look into creating low emission precincts. These are areas where energy efficient houses are serviced by accessible transport and are in close proximity to local businesses to create a precinct that encourages low emission living. These are matters that could be considered in future planning for Mosman.