Urban Planning Archives: Edwards Beach Shark Net

Sep 17, 2018 Heritage

As part of the work associated with the current renovations to Council’s civic centre, the Urban Planning team have been sorting through old documents. Amongst the numerous interesting documents that popped up was a photographic survey documenting the Edwards Beach Shark Net and its demolition.

Originally constructed in 1935 the Edwards Beach Shark Net was a response to public fear following a number of fatal shark attacks in Middle Harbour, including three in the Mosman area. The shark net spanned from Rocky Point to Edwards Beach, consisting of anchor points on either end with a steel cable and net suspended between.

Edwards Beach Shark Net Circa 1960s

In 2007, concern was raised about the visual impact of the structure as well as the mounting cost of maintenance. Community consultation undertaken by Council demonstrated support for removing the shark net. Later that year Council commissioned a heritage assessment and found that there were sufficient grounds to remove the nets if parts of the structure were retained.

In August 2008 removal of the shark net commenced. The anchor points on Rocky Point were retained along with some of the steel cabling and interpretive signage was installed. Detailed photographic surveys were undertaken prior to and during the demolition, parts of which can be viewed below along with an article published in the Mosman Daily covering demolition.

Anchor Mount on Edwards Beach Being Removed
Worker Cutting Steel Cabling of the Shark Net
Mosman Daily Article on Removal of Shark Net (click to enlarge)