Mosman is on track to meet its housing target

Recently the SMH (12 August, 2018) ran a story about where Sydney’s building approvals are overshooting their housing targets. In the list of 33 metropolitan councils Mosman was last on the table.

Under the Greater Sydney Commission’s North District Plan five year housing supply targets are identified for the period 2016-2021. Mosman’s target is 300 additional dwellings. According to the figures in the article, supplied by the Greater Sydney Commission and the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, Mosman has approved 64 additional dwellings in the two and a half years from January 2016 to June 2018. This is the basis upon which Mosman was relegated to last on the table. Of course the funny thing with statistics is that you can tell a different story depending on which figures you use. If you take the actual supply of new dwellings in Mosman during that time, that is, dwelling completions, the story is quite different, with 162 dwellings, or 54% of the five year target achieved within two and a half years.

Without buildings on the ground there are no additional dwellings, and this is the real measure of delivering the housing target in Mosman. There is always a lead up time between approval and construction and then completion. Mosman is ahead of its target according to dwellings built and it is anticipated that the target of 300 additional dwellings by 2021 will be met.