Connecting local planning with bigger picture strategies

How will metropolitan and district strategic plans be implemented at the local level? This is a question currently being addressed by local councils, the Greater Sydney Commission and the NSW Department of Planning and Environment through a series of working group meetings across Sydney over the next few months.

The release of the Metropolitan Plan and the District Plans by the Greater Sydney Commission earlier this year has triggered the next phase of strategic planning across the city. Local councils must now do their bit to implement relevant parts of these plans. Mosman needs to consider how well our current local environmental plan aligns with the actions contained within the North District Plan. Are there any gaps? Do any planning studies need to be carried out?

The next step would be the development of a Local Strategic Planning Statement which would set out the basis for planning in the area, the planning priorities and the actions for achieving them, as well as how the actions would be monitored and reported on. These Statements are a new requirement under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act and their purpose is to give effect to the District Plan. Legislation requires these Statements to be on public exhibition by July 2019.