Duty Planning

Jun 20, 2018 Other, Planning Controls

Council provides a duty planning service to assist customers with their planning enquiries.   In any one day our duty planner answers questions over the phone, via email and in person about matters such as constructing a new deck, renovating a heritage listed house, setting up a café, building a block of units and reviewing a development application lodged by a neighbour.

One example of a development that has generated a lot of interest recently is a proposed multi unit housing development for 21 units at 80-86 Spit Road.   Details about this application as well as others can be found on Council’s DA tracker .

 The duty planning service is available every day from 8.30 -10.30am. You are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to find out more about planning or to assist you in your development assessment journey through Council.  Contact Joe Vertel on 9978 4214.