Greater Sydney Region Plan and North District Plan Published

The Greater Sydney Commission has released the finalised Greater Sydney Region Plan and North District Plan.

The Region Plan, titled “A Metropolis of Three Cities”, establishes an overarching 30 year vision for land use planning in Sydney. The plan breaks the Sydney Region down into three cities – the Western Parkland City, the Central River City and the Eastern Harbour City – and is built on a vision where most residents live within 30 minutes of their jobs, education and health facilities, services and great places.

The Greater Sydney Region Plan also divides the Sydney Region into five separate regions including the North District in which Mosman is situated. Each district has a separate plan that breaks down the objectives of the Greater Sydney Region plan into region specific goals and actions that can be carried out by local councils and the NSW Government on a manageable scale.

Notable objectives for Mosman includea 5 year housing target of 300 new dwellings and continuing to support cultural expression at Mosman’s Art Gallery and Community Centre

The final plans can be accessed on the Greater Sydney Commission’s website.