Greater Sydney Commission comes to Mosman

Yesterday Mosman Council hosted a visit by representatives of the Greater Sydney Commission. Sarah Hill (CEO), Deborah Dearing (North District Commissioner), Greg Woodhams (Executive Director) and Sylvia Smith (Director) met with Council’s General Manager and planners. The purpose of the visit was to hear from the Commission about their plans for implementing the North District Plan and to provide the Commission the opportunity to see firsthand some of the planning issues in Mosman.

Planners guided a short walking tour of part of Military Road near Spit Junction to highlight some of the more recent infill developments that are providing additional housing in Mosman as well as employment in the ground floor businesses. While Mosman is a small local government area it has a diversity of housing types with housing stock that is predominantly medium to high density. This mix of housing is one of the objectives of the Commission’s District Plan. Council looks forward to working with the Commission in the future.