Amendment to Mosman’s LEP and DCPs

An amendment to Mosman Local Environmental Plan 2012 (MLEP 2012) was published on the NSW Legislation website on Friday 9 February 2018.

As a result of this, MLEP 2012 is amended to:

1. Remove archaeological heritage items A484, A485 and A488 from schedule 5, part 3
2. Include a new heritage item I483 in schedule 5, part 1

An amendment to Mosman’s Development Control Plans (DCPs) is also made which:

1. Makes minor changes to the wording of the Significant Rock Faces and Retaining Walls clause
2. Includes excavated quarry walls on the Significant Rock Faces and Retaining Walls map

The changes relate to a former tram terminus at the southern end of Avenue Road (now a road with bus turning circle), and former quarries in the vicinity of 65A-71 Avenue Road and 11-15 Royalist Road (now occupied by housing).

A recent heritage significance assessment found that none of these sites meet the current NSW Heritage Council criteria at the State or local level from an archaeological standpoint, yet the sites do have historic value as a direct link to the former use of the area.

In recognition of this, on 14 November 2017 Council resolved to remove the LEP archaeological heritage listings for all three sites, and to instead recognise the historic significance of the sites through a new LEP heritage (non-archaeological) listing (for the former tram terminus) and on the DCP Significant Rock Faces and Retaining Walls map (for the former quarry sites in Avenue and Royalist Roads).

The updated documents can be viewed here: