Housing Capacity Model

Why do we need to establish our housing capacity?
Council staff recently did some research to work out what capacity exists within our existing planning controls for additional dwellings.

The Greater Sydney Commission has a five year housing supply forecast for Mosman of 300 dwellings by mid-2021. By working out how much housing capacity exists within Mosman, we are able to confirm whether or not the forecast is technically achievable.

What were the findings?
There is a theoretical housing capacity of around 2200 additional dwellings in Mosman.

Ultimately, the decision to redevelop a parcel of land is at the discretion of the owner of the land. Factors such as development feasibility, highest and best use of a site, fragmented ownership of land and personal motivation to sell all influence how many additional dwellings will be delivered.

What happens now?
This model will form the foundation of future studies, options and analysis, particularly as we will be required to prepare a Local Housing Strategy under the Draft North District Plan. The finalised District Plan will also provide a 20 year housing target for Mosman.