Draft Plans on Exhibition – Late October Update

A number of draft plans are on exhibition or about to go on exhibition. These plans have potential impacts on Mosman.

Draft Mosman Section 94A Development Contributions Plan 2016 – Exhibition period closes Friday 21 October 2016

Future of Middle Head – Early Feedback and Future Consultation – A draft management plan for Middle Head is currently being prepared by the Trust and National Parks and Wildlife Services and will go on public exhibition soon

Draft Medium Density Design Guide and draft Medium Density Housing Code – Open for public consultation until 12 December 2016. The Medium Density Housing Code aims to encourage the construction of a range of low rise medium density housing forms across Sydney as complying development. Council planning staff are currently preparing a submission.

Adequacy of the regulation of short-term holiday letting in New South Wales – A report is expected to be handed down to parliament on Wednesday 19 October 2016 (Read our blog post on this issue dated March 2016)

Greater Sydney Commission – Draft North District Plan – This draft plan is expected to go on exhibition in late November 2016

Draft Planning Act – The draft planning legislation is expected to go on public exhibition in late 2016

Draft Architecture and Design Policy – Draft released for discussion. This Draft Policy sets out the NSW Government’s position on design in the urban environment. The Policy “champions the need for design excellence in the NSW built environment and starts the discussion on how we deliver and assess design excellence.”