An amendment to Mosman LEP 2012 has been published on the NSW Legislation website

Jun 27, 2016 Heritage

What has changed?

This amendment revises the LEP in respect of archaeological sites by in Schedule 5 Environmental heritage:

  • clearly identifying the location of archaeological sites to ensure their conservation and transparency of information
  • omitting some archaeological sites found to have no heritage significance
  • combining the listings of some sites which had been duplicated

On the LEP Heritage Map:

  • revising how the archaeological sites are mapped, so rather than a circle in the vicinity of the site, the actual boundaries of the land affected are now mapped
  • this excludes A484, A485 and A488 which have not been changed and so will still be seen as a circle

Archaeological sites on Privately Owned Land 

These changes do NOT affect privately owned land. The changes under this amendment relate only to those archaeological sites located on publicly owned land (i.e. within roads, parks, bushland).

There are 3 archaeological sites located on privately owned land for which consideration of amendments has been deferred pending further review. These sites are A484, A485 and A488.

To view these changes

Refer to Mosman LEP 2012