Mosman’s Archaeological Sites: Public Exhibition

Former tram infrastructure, wharves, quarries and other relics of early European settlement in Mosman during the 1800s and early 1900s are protected by heritage provisions in Mosman Local Environmental Plan 2012 (the LEP). There are currently 16 archaeological sites listed in the LEP, based on research undertaken during the mid-1990s. Requirements for heritage listing have since changed, necessitating a review of sites and their inclusion in the LEP.

Earlier this year, the review of Mosman’s archaeological sites was undertaken. This review identifies more specific site and property information for the 16 archaeological sites, and makes a number of recommendations based on their heritage significance (or lack thereof).

Council is now proposing to amend the listing of archaeological sites identified in the LEP based on the findings of this review. A Planning Proposal outlining the proposed amendments is on public exhibition from Thursday 19 November to Thursday 10 December 2015 and can be viewed:

Submissions are invited during this period – via the online form (access via consultation webpage above), by email to, or to the General Manager, PO Box 211, Spit Junction NSW 2088.  Please provide your name, address and day time contact number so you can be contacted should the need arise.  Submissions will be available for inspection on Council’s document management system under Council’s Access to Information Policy.

The Minister for Planning has chosen to delegate the making of the LEP to Council.

You can stay informed about the progress of this Planning Proposal at

Enquiries: Kelly Lynch, Senior Strategic Planner, 9978 4058.