Public Exhibition: Heritage Item I291

An amendment to Mosman Local Environmental Plan 2012 (MLEP 2012) is proposed to correct an error in the heritage listing of Item I291 ‘Group of Shops’. Currently, 37 Spofforth Street (Lot 2, Sec B, DP 2365) is identified in MLEP 2012 as a heritage item – Item I291 ‘Group of Shops’ of local heritage significance. This property has been listed as a heritage item since 2001. However, it is now evident that there is an error in this heritage listing, and that the address should be that of the adjoining property 37A Spofforth Street (Lot 3, Sec B, DP 2365 and Lot 1 DP 937493).

Heritage listing in MLEP 2012

MLEP 2012 lists around 500 heritage items and 13 heritage conservation areas with local or State heritage significance. These include buildings, streets, monuments, landscapes and archaeological sites that reflect the past way of life in Mosman. These objects and places were recognised as having heritage significance in the 1996 Mosman Heritage Review by Godden Mackay Heritage and other studies. Their inclusion in MLEP 2012 ensures their conservation for future generations.

The following is an extract from the 1996 Mosman Heritage Review describing Item I291:

“A largely intact group of Arts and Crafts shops unified by a well modulated upper floor level. Historical significance as a representative of suburban groupings once common.

Inter-War Arts-and-Crafts. A group of two storey Inter-War shops located at the corner of Spofforth and Reginald Streets. Some of the ground floor shop fronts are original. The upper floor is composed of two stepped sections. Each section has a parapeted bay that flanks a terracotta tiled roof projecting past the side bays. The rendered facade has engaged piers that project above the parapet and are capped and dentils beneath the parapet string courses and below the tiled roof eaves. The original bracketed awning is also stepped.”

It is clear from the description of this Item that it relates to the substantially intact Arts & Crafts building at 37A Spofforth Street, located on the corner of Spofforth and Reginald Streets. Council’s Heritage Advisor has confirmed this, noting that the building at 37 Spofforth Street has no significance in heritage terms.

Proposed amendment to MLEP 2012

Council proposes to correct this error in MLEP 2012 by transferring the heritage listing of I291 ‘Group of Shops’ from 37 Spofforth Street (Lot 2, Sec B, DP 2365) to 37A Spofforth Street (Lot 3, Sec B, DP 2365 and Lot 1 DP 937493). Both the listing in Schedule 5 of the LEP and the Heritage Map will be amended. The Minister for Planning has chosen to delegate the making of the LEP amendment to Council.

Public exhibition

A planning proposal has been prepared which provides more information about the proposed amendment to MLEP 2012. This is on public exhibition from Thursday 10 September to Thursday 24 September 2015 at the Civic Centre from 8.30am to 5pm weekdays, at the Barry O’Keefe Library during library hours, and on Council’s website.  The documents can also be viewed here:

Submissions are invited during this period. This can be done by the submission form on Council’s website, by email to or in writing to the General Manager, PO Box 211, Spit Junction NSW 2088. All submissions will be available for inspection on Council’s document management system and website under Council’s Access to Information Policy.


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