Review of bushland zonings in Mosman

Over the last 18 months, we have been reviewing the zoning of bushland areas in Mosman currently zoned RE1 Public Recreation with a view to rezoning suitable sites to E2 Environmental Conservation.

The majority of bushland areas zoned RE1 are unmade road reserves. Mosman has 84 sections of bushland unmade road assets. Unmade roads are parcels of land that are classified as public roads but are not constructed as such. Apart from some unmade roads containing remnant vegetation their main benefit to the biodiversity of Mosman is their role in providing habitat corridors.

A review of unmade road bushland sites was undertaken using existing data and reports, site inspections, photographic surveys and discussions with council staff and the Mosman Parks and Bushland Association. Out of the 64 unmade road bushland sites that are zoned RE1 Public Recreation, 33 sites were chosen for further investigation. These sites, which can be seen on the below map, were chosen as they connect to larger bushland areas or contain remnant patches of bushland. A set of planning principles were developed to determine suitability for rezoning.

Sites recommended for rezoning

Sites investigated for potential rezoning to E2 Environmental Conservation
Sites investigated for potential rezoning to E2 Environmental Conservation

The review has identified sites which meet criteria consistent with land that has an E2 zone. Of the 33 unmade road bushland sites chosen for further investigation, the following 15 unmade road sites were recommended for rezoning:

  1. Unmade Armitage Lane
  2. Unmade Boyle Street
  3. Unmade Cobbittee Street
  4. Unmade Edwards Bay Road
  5. Unmade Glen Street
  6. Unmade Gordon Street
  7. Unmade Grecia Lane (east)
  8. Unmade Harnett Avenue
  9. Unmade Inkerman Street (North)
  10. Unmade Kallaroo Street
  11. Unmade Lower Sverge Street
  12. Unmade Mosman Street
  13. Unmade Mulbring Street
  14. Unmade Wallington Road
  15. Unmade Warringah Road

In addition to the above sites, a part of Quakers Hat North, currently zoned RE1, was recommended for rezoning to E2.

The remaining 18 unmade road sites were considered not suitable for a variety of reasons, including the poor quality of bushland, low asset rating or less than two-thirds canopy cover on the site.

Council resolution

On Tuesday 2 June, Council considered a report (EP/25) on the review of bushland areas zoning in Mosman.

At that meeting, Council resolved to:

  • Prepare a planning proposal to rezone 15 unmade road bushland sites and a part of Quakers Hat North from RE1 Public Recreation to E2 Environmental Conservation.
  • The planning proposal be referred to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment for a gateway determination under Section 56 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

What’s next?

Following this resolution, a planning proposal will now be prepared and submitted to the Department of Planning and Environment for gateway determination. Following this, community consultation will occur and then a report will be prepared for Council on the consultation. This process could take six to nine months.

For more information, you can view the report to Council and the draft minutes on the Council website.