Mosman Civic Centre Vision: Update

During February-March 2015, Council sought community feedback on its vision to build new civic and community facilities on the Civic Centre site at Spit Junction to meet the needs of the Mosman community. A range of opinions were voiced concerning the need for new facilities, the scale of development, the impact that development would have on local residents and businesses (such as from traffic), and how development would be funded.

At the Council Meeting held on 5 May 2015, Council considered a report about the community feedback received and preliminary financial, traffic and needs analysis studies for the site which have been undertaken. The Council report can be accessed online at

Council resolved that there is a need to improve civic and community facilities on the Civic Centre site to meet the Mosman community’s needs. However, to progress the project there is a requirement to undertake more detailed consideration of development options for the site, including a comprehensive financial analysis of refurbishment versus redevelopment options and a traffic study and site planning and design. This work will be undertaken during the next few months.

Enquiries: Kelly Lynch, Senior Strategic Planner, 9978 4058.