2014 – Looking backwards and forwards

Dec 23, 2014 Other, Planning News

2014 saw planning take a back seat at the State level after the Government’s planning reforms stalled in the Upper House. At council we turned our attention to concentrating on local issues. Needless to say there were still changes happening at the State level that needed a local response to such as the much maligned 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Laws. Significant and comprehensive changes were also proposed by the State to SEPP 65 (Design Quality of Residential Flat Development) and its potential effect on development in Mosman was carefully considered and responded to.

Our LEP has been amended three times this year two have been spot rezonings and the third, notified as recently as Friday 12 December 2014, includes amendments to objectives and the re-introduction of controls for wall height, storeys and landscaped area for residential development. These changes are designed to strengthen our planning controls in relation to residential development in Mosman.

Managing the heritage of our built environment continues to be a priority. Photographic surveys for all our heritage conservation areas have been completed. Some fantastic projects were undertaken this year with financial assistance from Council’s Local Heritage Fund. Council’s continued commitment to providing financial assistance and its effective management of the Fund was awarded at the Sustainable Cities Awards earlier this year.

Promoting planning and communicating about planning issues are the reasons behind our mosmanplanning.net website, including the blog, our social media and email newsletters. Our commitment was recognised last month at the annual Planning Institute of Australia Awards for Planning Excellence when the Urban Planning team won a commendation award under the category “Promotion of Planning”.

A number of important projects were commenced this year.  These include:

  • A review of bushland zonings
  • A new plan of management for Balmoral
  • Needs Analysis for community facilities at the Civic Centre site (Spit Junction)

We look forward to 2015 when these projects should be completed and other exciting projects will commence.