Mosman LEP and Residential DCP Amended

On 12 December 2014, amendments to Mosman LEP 2012 and Residential DCP came into effect.

These include:

  • New and amended objectives for the R2 Low Density Residential zone, clause 4.3 Height of buildings and clause 4.4 Floor space ratio in the LEP; and
  • New local clauses 4.3A and 6.6 in the LEP for maximum wall height, maximum number of storeys and minimum landscaped area. These clauses are carried across from the Residential DCP with some change, and omitted from the DCP.

The amendments strengthen objectives within the LEP and reinforce fundamental controls for residential buildings which have defined the character of housing in Mosman for over 20 years.

A savings and transitional provision applies, meaning that these amendments will apply only to any development application made on or after this date.

The LEP amendment can be viewed here: Mosman LEPĀ Amendment published 12DEC2014

More information:

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