Photographic Survey for Lower Boyle St Conservation Area

Dec 1, 2014 Heritage, Planning News

A photographic survey for the Lower Boyle Street Heritage Conservation Area (HCA) has been completed.

This survey includes photographs of all properties within the HCA (see below map) which includes part of Lower Boyle St, part of Harnett Park and two heritage items facing Mosman Bay – the Mosman Amateur Sailing Club and the Mosman Rowers Club. The photographic survey provides assistance in heritage planning and management for these properties and complements the already existing photographic surveys for other conservation areas in the LGA.

Lower Boyle St Conservation Area (from Mosman Bay)
Lower Boyle St Conservation Area (from Mosman Bay)

The Lower Boyle Street Conservation Area is of significance as an excellent and largely intact grouping of Federation period residential buildings on a common sub-division oriented to the water and set above a densely vegetated natural reserve. In combination with the waterfront structures noted as heritage items the precinct provides a rare glimpse of the pattern of development that predominated around 1900 and which has remained until the present day.

The strong relationship of these buildings to views and the water; the location of the buildings in relation to a split level street to accommodate the step terrain; their principal orientation to the water rather than the street and the grouping on a prominent and highly visible headland combine to create an unusual and increasingly rare precinct around the Mosman waterfront. Even though several buildings have undergone some adaptation their overall form contributes to the setting (Mosman Heritage Review, Paul Davies Pty Ltd, 2007).

You can view the Photographic Survey on the council website:

Lower Boyle HCA
Lower Boyle Street Heritage Conservation Area