The latest planning decisions by Council

At its meeting on 2 September Council made decisions on two planning matters – Planning Agreements, and an important amendment to Mosman Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012.

Planning Agreements:

A Planning Agreement is a voluntary arrangement between Council and (usually) a developer, under which the Council obtains a contribution for a public purpose. A public purpose could include infrastructure, parking, open space or something similar. Planning Agreements can be linked to a proposal to amend the LEP or to a development application. Council has resolved to prepare a draft Planning Agreement Policy which would set out the process for entering into a planning agreement with Council to ensure transparency, probity, and certainty of roles and process. The draft Policy will be reported to Council for its consideration, prior to public exhibition.

Amendment to Mosman LEP and changes to Residential DCP

Council also resolved to adopt a proposal to amend the LEP which would see changes to some objectives and the reinstatement of wall height and number of storeys as development standards in the LEP. Minimum landscaped area will be included as an assessment consideration. Corresponding changes will be made to Mosman Residential Development Control Plan to ensure consistency. These changes will come into effect once the LEP amendments are notified on the NSW Legislation website. This may be in about four weeks.