Update on the Spit Junction Masterplan – June 2014

The Spit Junction Masterplan was reported to the Council Meeting on 3 June 2014. The report (EP/18) addressed concerns raised by Councillors, considered the public submissions received, and made some recommendations about the future direction of the Masterplan.

At the meeting, Council did not adopt the recommendations in the report and instead resolved that:

1. The Council reaffirms the controls that exist within the Mosman Local Environmental Plan 2012.

2. Consideration be given to Planning Proposals submitted for individual sites in Spit Junction to increase the maximum permitted building height and floor space ratio applying under Mosman Local Environmental Plan 2012, on sites where a public benefit forms part of the development proposal.

3. That the General Manager reports back to Council on the appropriateness of the Planning Proposal fees and charges in the context of Point 2 of the resolution.

You can read the report and draft minutes of the Council Meeting on the Mosman Council website.