Photographic Survey completed for Glover & Nathan’s Estates Conservation Area

Jun 12, 2014 Heritage, Planning News

A Photographic Survey for the Glover and Nathan’s Estates Heritage Conservation Area (HCA) has been completed.

This survey includes photographs of all properties within the HCA (see below map) which includes parts of Belmont Rd, Glover St, Cabramatta Rd, Bardwell Rd and part of Cowles Rd in the western part of the Mosman LGA. The photographic survey provides assistance in heritage planning and management for these properties and complements the already existing photographic surveys for other conservation areas in the LGA.

The Glover and Nathan’s Estates conservation area forms a precinct that is significant as a relatively in tact and representative example of the late 19th and early 20th century phase of development in the Mosman area. This phase of development was the major period of residential growth in the local area as larger estates were subdivided and sold to speculative developers. The area demonstrates a good diversity of building types and styles as development ranged from the Italianate Cottages of the early 1890s in Belmont Road, Federation period residential development demonstrating cohesive patterns of form, scale and materials, built in Glover Street from 1900 to 1905; and the Californian Bungalows of the 1920s in Cabramatta Road.

You can view the Photographic Survey on the council website. It is available in three parts:

Glover and Nathan’s Estates Conservation Area Ranking Map