What’s happening with the Spit Junction Masterplan?


The Spit Junction Masterplan and subsequent review by CHROFI Architects for the Mosman Civic Centre site were publicly exhibited from 3 October to 3 December 2013. A public meeting was also held on 25 November 2013 attended by 28 people.

During the public exhibition 29 submissions were received from a wide range of stakeholders. An overview of all submissions received and future direction for the project was presented by staff to Councillors at a workshop held on 11 February 2014. Councillors voiced concern about the Spit Junction Masterplan at this workshop, in particular increased densities and traffic implications, although support was expressed for further investigating redevelopment opportunities on the Civic Centre site.

The Civic Centre Site – Next steps

Half of all submissions received (15 out of 29 submissions, 52%) comment on the Civic Centre site with most supporting some form of redevelopment. However opinion varies as to the scale of the development and what facilities should be provided. Several submissions call for a ‘needs analysis’ to be prepared to ascertain what community facilities and services should be provided on the site, whilst others state that redevelopment of the site should be considered as a separate project to the Masterplan. Similar feedback was received at the public meeting.

A report on the Civic Centre Site was considered at the Council Meeting on 4 March 2014. Council resolved that:

  1. Council endorses the broad strategy for progressing analysis of the Civic Centre area as laid out in the advices to Council.
  2. Council requests the General Manager to prepare a brief for the Needs Analysis as soon as practicable aiming for a brief to be put out to appropriate consultants in early-April and for a consultant to be selected by early-May and work to start soon thereafter. The brief and the selection of the consultant should be discussed with and agreed by the Mayor.
  3. Council authorise the General Manager to make any due progress payments for the consultant in this financial year 2013/14.
  4. The program and timing for the rest of the strategy to be reviewed by Council in early July.

A brief for the Needs Analysis is now being prepared.

The rest of the Masterplan – next steps

The report for the rest of the Spit Junction Masterplan is currently on hold while some of the issues raised in submissions and by Councillors are considered further. Submissions received on the other aspects of the Masterplan and future direction for the Masterplan will be the subject of a separate report to Council at a later date. It is anticipated that a report would be prepared for Council by June this year.

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