Survey results gives insight into new households

Mar 12, 2014 Planning News

There are a number of new residential and mixed-use developments that have been constructed in recent years around Mosman. We know what the outside of these developments look like but who is moving into them? Do these new households contain younger families or older couples? Are there more people renting than those that own? What does this mean for Mosman?

In mid-2013 Mosman Council sought to answer some of these questions and undertook a survey to determine the demographics of people living in new developments in the Mosman Local Government Area (LGA).

Nine new multi-unit residential developments containing 106 dwellings in total were chosen to be surveyed. These developments were completed in the past 6 years and varied in size, design and location.

Surveys were distributed by mail and residents could respond either via post or online through the survey link provided. Overall, from these households surveyed, we received a good response rate of 37%.

Survey Results:

The survey asked the residents of these new developments four simple questions:

The first question asked “How many people live in your household?” and the results were fascinating. As can be seen in the chart below, the majority of households (77%) contain 2 people or less with very few households (13%) having 4 or more persons.

The second question asked “What are the ages of the occupants?”. These new developments contain a large proportion of people over the age of 60 as seen in the results chart below with 42% of residents aged 60 or older. It was interesting that there would be only a small proportion of children and young persons with just 17% of residents under the age of 18 years old.

Survey Results – Q1 & Q2 – Click for more detail

In the third question we asked residents “What type of household is it?” with almost half (49%) of households being couples without dependents. Surprisingly, only 15% of households were couple family with dependents and over a quarter of households were lone person.

The last question asked residents “Do you rent or own the property?” with the majority of households (85%) being owner occupier (own their home or paying the home off). Only a small number of households rented (15%).

Survey Results – Q3 & Q4 – Click for more detail

From these survey results we can see an overall snapshot of these new developments and learn more about the future profile of the Mosman community.

Overall snapshot profile from 2013 Survey Results

Results comparison with Mosman LGA:

Compared to the Mosman LGA, the new households have:

  • Almost double the number of couples without dependents
  • A higher proportion of people who own their property (or are paying it off) – 85% compared to 58%
  • Over half of all residents (57%) are over 50 years old compared to 36% in LGA
  • The biggest age group in the Mosman LGA is 35-49 years old (24%). This is very different compared to our survey results (13%).
  • Smaller number of younger persons (under 18)
  • Smaller number of lone person households

Results comparison with 2006 Results:

A similar survey was undertaken in 2006. There were a number of differences between the 2006 and 2013 results:

  • In 2013, there were fewer households with just 1 person and double the number of households with 3 people.
  • In 2013, the 25-34 year age group is only 7%, less than one third of the responses received in 2006.
  • An increase in the number of people over 50 years old.
  • Percentage of lone person households has declined.
  • There were no results in the 2013 survey for group households.
  • Big increase in the number of people who own their property.
  • Less people renting these new developments than in 2006.

What does this mean for Mosman Council?

The demographic profile of residents in new developments reinfoces the importance of design aspects such as adaptability and access to services. It also helps in the preparation of planning controls being mindful of who the end user may be.