What’s happened in ‘planning’ this year?

Dec 9, 2013 Other

2013 is the year that saw the State government’s vision for planning reform materialise into a Planning Bill debated in both Houses of Parliament. Its journey towards becoming an Act moved through the Lower House and has now stalled with its passage through the Upper House. Amendments to the Bill have addressed some community concerns and caused outcry from the development industry but no-one’s completely satisfied. The signs are that the changes will still produce a planning system with an “us and them” mentality characterised by division and adversary. The very things the Government claimed the new system would fix.

At the local level in Mosman some great work has been achieved. Highlights include: the review of the Mosman Development Assessment Panel (MDAP) which attracted input from the different groups of people involved in the development application and assessment process. The result was the retention of the MDAP with some changes reflecting community concerns. The Mosman Design Awards 2013 were presented in March with the winners selected from another quality field. The Awards program continues its success as a means of promoting quality development and design in Mosman. The Spit Junction Masterplan was completed and put on public exhibition; two Plans of Management for community lands were completed; and some outstanding maintenance and repair projects were partially funded through the local heritage fund.

We continue our commitment to provide timely and relevant planning information and news to anyone interested. The mosmanplanning.net website has been enhanced, our newsletters attract more subscribers, and we’re building our followers on facebook and twitter. Interaction with users builds a community of interest and we’re always interested in your feedback.

Looking forward to 2014 – from Linda, Joe, Ben and Kelly