Improving life for pedestrians at Spit Junction

You wouldn’t be alone if the first thing you thought of about Spit Junction was traffic. One of the busiest roads in Sydney passes through this centre and it is a planning challenge to come up with ideas about how to make pedestrians feel there are urban spaces for them.

One way to begin to redress the imbalance is to exclude vehicles from spaces altogether to avoid safety conflicts and create more pleasant public areas.

The Masterplan identifies the closure of the western end of Clifford Street as an opportunity to create a plaza and bus stop. This is a wide intersection where crossing can be difficult for older and less mobile people. Water views could be enjoyed from this vantage point as well as a much improved place to wait for buses.

Spit Junction’s laneways can also provide some opportunities to exclude vehicles. One idea is to close Civic Lane between Military Road and Horsnell Lane. This would provide benefits to pedestrians and create opportunities for retail shops or cafes opening directly onto a pedestrian laneway – in a similar way to what has been achieved at Albion Lane.

To read more about these ideas open the PDF titled Section 4.2 Public Domain Improvements