Government announces changes to Planning reforms

Sep 20, 2013 Planning News

On Thursday 19 September 2013 the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure announced changes to the proposed planning reforms after listening to concerns from the community and local councils.

Amongst the changes the State Government is now implementing are:

• Allowing councils to modify the State-wide codes to better reflect their local area;

• Code assessable development will only apply in nominated growth areas (for example around the North West and South West train lines or areas nominated by councils);

• The target for code assessable developments has been removed entirely;

• Councils will be made to prepare Neighbourhood Impact Statements if they intend to implement code assessable development;

• The full range of current land zonings will remain as they are;

• Appeal rights will remain as they are; and

• Local and State heritage protections will continue.

These changes mean that the introduction of the new Planning legislation to Parliament is likely to be delayed for several weeks.

You can read the Government’s media release and check out Council’s submission on the planning reforms at the links below:

Are you happy with the changes to the reforms? Has the Government made the right decision? Let us know in your comments below!