Call to action…last chance to input to development of draft plan

The project team has worked all year to refine and draft a Masterplan for Spit Junction.

Community input is critical and feedback has helped shape the development of the Masterplan through:

  • A series of workshops for local business operators and the wider community
  • Information stalls at Mosman Markets
  • Ongoing updates to this webpage, blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

Community feedback on preliminary draft Masterplan ideas is currently being summarised into a Consultation Outcomes Report which will be publically available in early August 2012.

Community opinion is divided – everyone generally agrees that the Junction needs a lift and that parking needs to be improved, but there are mixed views about:

  • Suitable height limits – height has a direct relationship with renewal feasibility – no (or low) increases in building heights will mean that nothing changes because development will not be commercially viable – some people would prefer that the Junction stay the same if the alternative is new ‘high rise’ development
  • Design and layout of a new Civic Centre, particularly open space areas and reconfiguration of the Village Green
  • Impact of extra traffic associated with new development.

You still have time to provide feedback through this website or via the Facebook and Twitter pages. Any comments made before Monday 23 July 2012 will be incorporated into the Consultation Outcomes Report prepared by the project team. Council will continue to monitor blog comments received after this time.

The project team is currently considering community feedback and refining the draft Masterplan. The team will meet with the Community Reference Group and Mosman Councillors one more time and will then finalise the draft Masterplan. It is expected that Council will then resolve to place the draft plan on public exhibition and invite submissions from the community.

If you could make one final comment to input to the draft Masterplan what would it be?

Do you support new development and revitalisation options for Spit Junction and the Civic Centre?