The ‘Planners in Pink’ from the project team last Saturday spoke to over 50 people at the Mosman Markets. The planners were impressed at the level of interest shown by passers-by and community members who made the effort to come down to the Peoples Junction stall to speak to them about the Masterplan and Civic Centre site concept plans.

Visitors to the stall asked many questions, provided plenty of comments and feedback to help assist the team consider the community’s opinions before finalising the draft plans.

Lindsey Noble, one of the ‘Planners in Pink’ said ‘we spoke to many people who are paasionate about the area and suggested great ideas to revitalise the Junction”. She said “there is a clear split in opinion – some people are willing to embrace new buildings to breathe life buildings into the area, but others are deeply opposed to development to generate funds to improve community facillities”.

She further added that “apart from divided views on building heights, there was strong support for introducing wine bars to the area and activating the laneways”. She stated “people were concerned about parking but were pleased to hear that the proposal seeks to increase public parking”.

The Outcomes Report is currently being prepared and will include comments and feedback received from the two workshops, June and July market stalls, The Peoples Junction Facebook and Twitter, website and blogs all relating to the second phase of consultation on Masterplan and Options Engagement.

We need direction from the community about their thoughts relating to new development and revitalisation options for the Spit Junction Town Centre and Civic Centre sites. Do you have any ideas on improvements or considerations for the project team?