A week of workshops

Last week was a busy one for the People’s Junction project team.

Two successful workshops were held presenting the preliminary concepts on the Spit Junction Masterplan and Mosman Civic Centre sites to the community. Almost 80 community members, comprised of business owners and local residents participated and provided valuable feedback that will be considered by the team prior to finalising the draft Masterplan for public exhibition.

Issues such as traffic, parking, location of public spaces, pedestrian safety and heights of buildings were discussed in detail.

Conversations on tradeoffs associated with new development to assist with the renewal of community facilities and public areas were also encouraged.

There were mixed opinions, particularly about building heights and how new development would change the face of the Junction. Some people accepted that carefully planned development was necessary. Others did not support further development.

We are still encouraging feedback and comments from the community. If you were unable to attend either of the workshops then download either of the two presentations from the:
Function @the Junction evening ; (PDF 9MB) or
Coffee Concepts Conversation event (PDF 9MB) and tell us your thoughts!

What is your favourite preliminary Masterplan idea? Why do you think it promotes positive change in the Junction?

What is one thing you would change about the preliminary draft Masterplan?

The Planners in Pink will make one last appearance at the Mosman Markets this Saturday 7 July 2012. Please come and say hello and have your say on ideas to breathe new life back into the Junction.
An Outcomes Report will be prepared folllowing the Consultation period summarising the issues identified, comments made and feedback received to help the project team review the concept plans presented. This report is due to be released before the end of July 2012.