Delivering community benefits with increased development potential

There are a number of opportunity sites identified for significant new development to deliver public benefits and drive renewal.

One site is in Council ownership, but the other four are privately owned. These sites could be redeveloped to make an architectural statement and give the Junction a strong visual identity along Military Road. Given the desire to trigger redevelopment on these key sites, it is proposed to increase height limits from 5 storeys to between 6 and 10 storeys. In return for this significant increase in height, these sites would need to deliver other public benefits, such as public car parking or plaza areas.

To put this in perspective, this scale of development would be similar to buildings in Vista Street that provided public car parking and a swim centre as public benefits.

Provided buildings on the 5 opportunity sites are well designed and deliver a demonstrated public benefit, do you support the proposed 6-10 storey height limits? Why?

What public benefits (such as more public parking) would you like to see delivered in return for increased development potential on opportunity sites?