Outcomes Report released…

Following a month of extensive community engagement the Outcomes Report-April 2012 for Phase One ‘Defining the Urban Framework’ of the People’s Junction project has just been released.

The report identifies:

– Types of engagement activities and media used in the March consultation period;
– Number of comments and submissions received;
– Identifies the four principles on which the masterplan will be prepared;
– Stipulates the issues raised by the community which need to be addressed in the plan making process;
– Provides information on the next phase of the project ‘Design Solutions, Controls and Implementation’ which will be conceptual designs for the Mosman Civic Centre sites and draft Masterplan for Spit Junction due to be presented to the community in June 2012.

We invite you to review the Outcomes Report as prepared by the consultants and let us know of your thoughts.

The People’s Junction project is on-going and we are always interested in hearing from you. Should you have any enquries please contact Nazia Pokar on 9978 4094.