Competition for the People’s Junction

Spit Junction plays a retail, civic and service role for the local community. There are a number of other centres in the surrounding area that provide similar facilities and compete with Spit Junction, which means many local residents are choosing to shop, eat or visit outside of the Junction.

Many people choose to use surrounding centres because these other centres offer more and newer shops and restaurants, more entertainment (e.g. cinema), more convenient parking and are felt to be more pleasant places to visit (i.e. away from traffic noise and emissions).

Spit Junction offers some facilities that are not available in other centres – for example, Mosman Council offices, library, community spaces, Art Gallery and Mosman Markets. But what else could be provided in the Junction to attract shoppers and visitors?

What other centres do you use in the local area? Any why?

What do these other centres offer that Spit Junction cannot provide?

How can the Junction be improved to make it a more welcoming and pleasant local centre on par or better than other centres in surrounding areas?