Reconsidering the Study Area?

A key objective of the Spit Junction Master Plan is to revitalise the business and retail role of Spit Junction by improving the experience for shoppers, residents, workers and visitors alike.

The current Master Plan area is bound by:
• Ourimbah Road to the north;
• Cowles Road to the west;
• Nathan Lane, Art Gallery Way and The Crescent to the south; and
• Albion Lane and Field Way to the east.

The consultant team proposes to increase the Master Plan area to include all business uses associated with Spit Junction by extending the western boundary from Cowles Road to Cardinal Street. By extending the Master Plan area, all business land along Military Road leading to Spit Junction (from the west) will be addressed in the Master Plan.

The proposed extension of the Master Plan area will not predetermine the outcomes on the additional land, but will ensure that all business uses along Military Road are included and analysed as part of the planning process through a holistic approach.

Do you agree with the proposal to extend the Master Plan area?

Are there other parts of Spit Junction that should also be included in the Master Plan area? Why?