The Junction up for lease

Spit Junction may soon be referred to as ‘Lease Junction’ as the number of shop vacancies and for lease signs increase.

Spit Junction is the commercial heart of Mosman containing the Civic Centre site and BridgePoint which is the only shopping centre in the local area.

Yet the retail experience of Spit Junction has changed dramatically over the years and some say this is the result of the relocation of the Commonwealth Bank from the Junction (now occupied by the Pharmacy) to Mosman Junction with less people having to visit the bank.

Others believe that the recent closing of the Mosman Cache car park is another contributing factor limiting shoppers from visiting Spit Junction.

For some, Spit Junction has now become a place associated with simple day-to-day activities such as meeting with friends for a quick coffee, visiting the gym or BridgePoint to pick up some groceries and then return home or work.

Based on these anecdotes the area provides visitors with a poor retail, dining, and social experience when compared with surrounding areas such as Mosman Junction, Avenue Road and Neutral Bay.

Based on your experiences and knowledge of the area what are your thoughts on the range of shop and shop vacancies at Spit Junction?

How can Spit Junction improve the experience for visitors to the area as an interesting place to shop dine and engage in social activities?
Do you have any examples of other areas that you like the look and feel of that could be used at Spit Junction?