A community hub – Mosman Civic Centre

Mosman Council is the largest property owner in Spit Junction. As part of the Masterplan a separate feasibility study is being undertaken to determine the future of the sites owned by the Council.

A Mosman Civic Centre, Meals on wheels, aged and disability services
B The Village Green
C Council carpark
D Mosman library and Youth Centre
E Mosman Community Development Department
F Shop (Accoutrement)
G Shops (Street level) and Residential units (first floor)

What types of buildings, services and activities do you think should be provided on the Council owned sites?

What kind of development and services do you think are suitable for Spit Junction?

What type of buildings would you like to see in the Civic Centre?

To help us get started, tell us what you think of this design for a Civic Centre building.

Have you seen any good examples of civic buildings incorporating community services such as libraries, galleries, places for social interaction and residential accommodation?

Let us know.